“The marble not yet carved

can hold the form of every thought
the Greatest Artist has.”


I am an artist with over 20 years of experience in the field of graphics, architecture, painting, photography, visualizations and many other areas of art.

My architectural background (MA in Landscape and Architecture) gives me an advantage to see a different angle and have broad perception on Graphic Design, which after years became my drive.


My life journey as an artist started in primary school, where I covered class desks with huge drawings and because of that I often ended up with visits at head teacher office.

That obviously didn`t hold me back: “There’s a rebel lying deep in my soul”.

Since then, I gradually developed passion towards studies of nature, architecture and beauty of life around me. I carried out that interest until I graduated with diploma as an Architect.



My Mission & Vision

My creativity and education gave me a great opportunity to choose which route of life I should follow.

Since I always found the biggest fun and fulfillment in Graphics, its diversity and vibrance gave me confidence that this is the way to go.

To be creative and like Salvador Dali paint the world.

A Word

From Danan Enterprises CEO

” I chose to use Suawek as my designer due to his portfolio history. His work was top notch and has been ever since I started using him. He’s done over 10 projects for me and his response time, professionalism and quality of work have always been the best I’ve ever been able to find. I paid a lot of money into fivver before I finally settled on a true professional, and I cannot tell you how much time and money it’s actually saved me. Suawek gets my highest recommendation. ”

– Danan Coleman

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